Meet Our Awesome Team

Our Podiatry Experts



Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry)


Amy is the more senior of our Podiatrists. Amy’s special interest includes biomechanics and orthotics and diabetes. Amy covers all areas of Podiatry and has developed and nurtured a deep passion in anatomy in motion (AiM) where she teaches your body to heal itself and allow more overall ease of movement. Amy is also a casual clinical educator at Charles Sturt University Allied Health Clinic.


Useless fact: Amy enjoys running and fishing and knows how to play the bagpipes.


          Kate Parker



Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry)


Kate has extensive knowledge in all areas of Podiatry. Her special interest areas are paediatrics and geriatrics. Combined with her love of wound care and diabetes, Kate is the complete all round Podiatrist. Kate also likes to develop relationships with General Practitioners and members of the community to educate them on the roles of a Podiatrist.


Useless Fact: Loves baking and brings in the best birthday cupcakes and always seems to find the best bargains.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry)


Cass is accredited in dry needling of the lower limbs combined with RockTape and Kinesiology taping application. Her special interest areas are biomechanics, orthotics and injury prevention and management.  Nail surgery is another interest of Cass. Cass covers all areas of Podiatry making her another complete all round Podiatrist.


Useless Fact: Cass loves spending time with her Kelpie dogs, keeping fit and enjoys kicking Amy’s butt in running events.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry)


Kim is the newest team member recently graduating from Charles Sturt University and is covering all areas of Podiatry. Kim is still finding her niche and has extensive footwear knowledge. Kim is interested in general podiatry, biomechanics and orthotics, diabetes as well as nail surgery.


Useless Fact: Kim has an older sister who is also a Podiatrist. It must run in the family.

Our Admin Team

Accounts, Customer Relations, Administration and Front Desk Manager


Over 30 years experiences in Front Office, Accounting, Customer Service, and Senior Administration. Kate is also efficient in infection control and sterilization skills. Kate job shares with Tracey.


Useless Fact: Kate loves her morning walks and is known to love a nice glass of wine...or four.

Accounts, Customer Relations, Administration and Front Desk Manager


Tracey stems from a farming and veterinary assistance background. Her experience includes Front Office, Customer Services and Administration. Tracey job shares with Kate.


Useless Fact: Works with her husband on the farm when she is not at work and loves Minions.

Accounts, Customer Relations, Administration and Front Desk Manager


Kate is the newest member of the Border Podiatry team. She is a local girl having lived in Wodonga all her life. Kate has worked in Pathology and General Medical Practices on the border. Kate loves spending time with her family and trying new recipes on them.


Useless fact: Kate has a love of musical theatre…..and chocolate……and chocolate…….and more chocolate.