Your feet are like wheels on a car, if they are out of alignment they can lead to wear and tear on other parts of your body.

Orthoses are custom made insoles manufactured especially for YOUR feet and they are designed to improve the alignment and function of your feet when standing and walking. Orthoses are different to insoles or arch supports that may be purchased without a prescription, as they are manufactured and prescribed specifically for your needs.

Your podiatrist performs a biomechanical assessment, which involves gait analysis, joint range of motion assessment and muscle testing. This allows the podiatrist to determine the existing alignment and function of your feet in relation to the rest of your body. Poorly aligned feet can cause pain not only in your feet but in your ankles, knees, legs and back. From this assessment orthoses are prescribed. Accurate casts are taken of your feet to ensure the orthoses are custom made to the exact curvatures of your feet.

In some cases your podiatrist may suggest an alternative semi-custom orthotic. This is a preformed device with personal adjustments made for individual requirements.

Orthoses rely on the support provided by appropriate footwear and your podiatrist will discuss this with you. Orthotic therapy works most effectively when used in conjunction with exercises and treatment instructions prescribed by your podiatrist.

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