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3D Orthotics

Exclusive to Albury / Wodonga at Border Podiatry Centre. 3D printed custom orthotics.   A 3D foot scan to get your very own 3D orthotics – they could not come any more customised if you tried.  No guessing, no messy plaster, quick turn around.

Totally customised for a perfect fit – every time.

If you are looking for a better orthotic that offers proper support and is truly tailored to your foot then you need the best technology.

Until today, using old tech to find the right fit has been nearly impossible. Our podiatrists take the time to perform a full biomechanical assessment and then use the latest foot scanning technology to capture the highest quality scan possible. Coupled with the best engineers, the most advanced orthotics are produced specific your feet.

With one of the most advanced 3D printers in the world, your new custom orthotics are printed  with astonishing accuracy ensuring your feet are comfortably supported everyday.

Using this advanced process guarantees a perfect fitting orthotic every time. With 3D orthotics clean, fast and accurate process you can stop worrying about your feet and walk easy.

Watch now to see the 3DO process.

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