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Lately, for some reason or another, there seems to be a stream of people coming in to the clinic concerned about their orthotics, both new and old clients. Clients who have purchased their orthotics from our clinic and orthotics from other clinics.

As a result of this there are just a few rants that I want to get off my chest.

Rant #1 – Custom made orthotics are custom made for a reason. Because they are custom made, or specifically made for you and your foot pathology if you like, they should be THAT comfortable that once you are use to them, you should be unable to feel them in your shoes but when they are not in them, you know it. If you can feel them in your shoes you will subconsciously walk differently to try and not feel them and this can create other problems.

Rant #2 – Custom made orthotics do not need to be thick, hard pieces of plastic. There are so many options these days in regards to the materials you can use. If they are not comfortable no matter what the material, read rant #1 again.

Rant #3 – You should have options as to what shoes you want to wear them. They have come a long way. You do not need to be restricted as to the types of shoes you wear them in. They no longer need to be bulky. Talk to your Podiatrist about the shoes you want to wear them in and let them do the hard work for you. If they do not fit into your shoes once you have them, talk to your Podiatrist, they should have a number of strategies for this.

Rant #4 – Your Podiatrist gives you wearing in instructions for a reason. Please follow the instructions so you have an easy transition. On this, orthotics are issued to supplement other treatment modalities already given to you. Don’t neglect your exercises.

Rant #5 – Like your car, your orthotics also needs to be serviced, or reviewed. It is possible for your feet to change. It is possible the orthotics become uncomfortable. It is possible for the orthotics to suffer wear and tear. It is possible you may not need to wear them anymore. You should not go any longer than 12 months for a review.

So, if you have orthotics and find them uncomfortable, think they are too hard, having trouble fitting them into footwear, have not had them reviewed in long time, or just need recovering do something about it. We pride ourselves here at Border Podiatry Centre on our orthotics and out trouble shooting strategies. We drill rant #1 into you before you walk out the door with out orthotics.


Sorry for all that. I do feel better now that I have that off my chest. Thanks for reading my rants.