As parents we always want to make sure we do our research to ensure we are making the best choices for our children.

Well we have researched like crazy here at Border Podiatry Centre and this is how we discovered Attipas shoes.

We were looking into good shoe options for toddlers and stumbled across them online. We were blown away by the depth of research that went into the making of these little shoes. Once I’d tried them out on my toddler I knew I wanted to share my discovery with our clients at Border Podiatry Centre. Now we’re proud to stock Attipas shoes in the clinic!

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With your little one growing and changing so quickly it can be hard to know what is ‘normal’ and what is not when it comes to walking. Keeping in mind of course there is always a wide range of ‘normal’ and each child is different in the way they grow and develop.

“Walking at a super early age is NOT a good thing. You need to crawl before you can walk. Morale of the story, do not force your child to walk before they are ready”.

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Severs disease is the most common heel pain complaint we see in children. These poor kids find it painful to play sports or simply just run around with their friends. The pain is confined to the heel and generally, but not always, accompanies some type of growth spurt. The pain usually disappears after sitting down and resting for a while but will come back during activity – especially high impact activities such as running, football/netball, tennis and the like. Maybe they don’t even want to start the activity because they know it is going to hurt!

Does this sound like your child – if so then read on. We may just have the solution you are looking for!

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We see several cases of Achilles Tendon complaints and injuries everyday here at Border Podiatry Centre. In fact, it is the second most common heel pain complaint, after plantar fasciitis. These types of people find they have pain and stiffness in the back of their heel after getting out of bed in the morning or hobble around for a few steps after they have been sitting down. The pain usually disappears after a warm shower but may reoccur after several hours of activity – especially high impact activities such as running, football/netball, tennis and the like. They are unable to enjoy their everyday sporting activities.

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Have you ever wondered if you are stretching your muscles correctly?

Have you ever wondered why the holy grail of stretching seems to be 3 sets holding the stretch from anywhere for 30 seconds to one minute?

Have you ever wondered why professionals tell you that you need to feel that pulling sensation in the muscles for it to be effective?

Have you…….ever wondered?

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With the races just around the corner, some of our minds will be turned to fascinators, fashion and footwear. The footwear aspect can be a minefield as we ultimately weigh up the importance of comfort over style.

In the world of shoe shopping there are two undeniable truths:

  1. Whenever the perfect pair of shoes are on sale, they will always be half a size too small
  2. Most of us disregard this and buy them anyway resigning ourselves to hobbling home with battered feet by the end of the day.

Come on, you know its true 😉

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