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Severs disease is the most common heel pain complaint we see in children. These poor kids find it painful to play sports or simply just run around with their friends. The pain is confined to the heel and generally, but not always, accompanies some type of growth spurt. The pain usually disappears after sitting down and resting for a while but will come back during activity – especially high impact activities such as running, football/netball, tennis and the like. Maybe they don’t even want to start the activity because they know it is going to hurt!

Does this sound like your child – if so then read on. We may just have the solution you are looking for!

What is Severs disease?

Severs disease is a condition seen in children (from 7-15 years of age) affecting the growth plate in the heel bone. You could say the bones in the leg are growing quicker than the muscles and the tight muscles are causing pain by pulling on the heel bone. This growth plate can become irritated and inflamed and if left untreated, the child can develop a habitual limp and be more prone to toe walking.

What are the symptoms of Severs disease?

It should be noted that the symptoms of Severs disease differ from person to person. Symptoms can range from:

  • Stiffness and pain in the heel during activity
  • Pain radiating upwards from the Achilles tendon to the calf muscle belly and possible night time calf cramping
  • Described as a sharp, stiff and pulling pain
  • Notable painful swelling and thickening of the heel bone
  • Pain when the heel is squeezed
  • Pain diminishes after resting and not moving around much

How do we treat Severs Disease?

At Border Podiatry Centre, we have developed the ultimate heel pain assessment and treatment protocol which is based solely around YOUR CHILD.  Not only does it allow us to get to the very cause of their heel pain, it allows us to develop an individualised treatment plan specific to them, their different causes and specific health outcomes.

Not only do we keep up to date with all the latest and most effective heel pain relief research, we utilise all the BEST assessment and treatment modalities here at Border Podiatry Centre which guarantee you results.

A part of treating Severs disease in children is rest and stretching exercises. We know how difficult this can be for your child so we have designed

The 2-Step Guide to Relieve Your Child of Heel Pain With No Exercises Involved”

It is a game changer when it comes to treating your child’s heel pain. You can get your hands on it by emailing me at or click here and I will post it out to you.

Until next time. Enjoy!