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We just love love love these little shoes and we are certain you will too.

Wearing the right footwear is important for toddler’s to help them form a normal walking pattern. The team behind Attipas shoes have developed these cute but clever shoes based on kinetic and plantar pressure physio-dynamic testing of toddler’s walking patterns. Attipas shoes enable the child to maintain a steady and stable walking pattern. The Attipas shoes also help to encourage healthy brain development by enabling the wearer to feel the soles of the feet and their toe movements. They are specifically designed for the feet of small children to encourage balance, proprioception and cognitive development.

All the results of the tests performed by the Attipas team found that the best option to encourage healthy foot development is for babies to be barefoot. Unfortunately in society it is not always practical, safe or socially accepted for little children to be barefoot all of the time. And so…Attipas shoes were created.

Many existing shoes designed for infants and toddlers are produced without any consideration of physical form characteristics (fan shaped sole of the feet) and gait characteristics. In other words, they are keeping the same shape and structures that they use in adult shoes despite adult and children’s feet being very different. When babies are wearing heavy soled shoes their centre of gravity rises as high as the thickness of outsole. As the result, they have a difficult time trying to balance their body.

Attipas shoes were created to overcome all the above mentioned problems. The front part of an Attipas shoe has plenty of room for the toes. An Attipas shoe is fan-shaped in accordance with forefoot shape differences in toddlers, which provides a stable base for walking and aids cognitive development. The soles are made from a soft and flexible material so smooth unrestricted movements of feet are possible. In addition, Attipas has minimized thickness of its sole and the entire centre of gravity of the toddler also becomes minimized. This makes the child feel more confident and better able to keep their balance while walking.

As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre walker, Attipas will support your little one from their very first steps until around 4 years of age. Based on seven years of extensive research Attipas are award-winning and have been endorsed by Australian podiatrists. As well as encouraging healthy foot posture, improving cognitive development and encouraging good balance Attipas are lightweight, flexible, breathable and safe. They are truly walking science and are the smartest choice for your little ones feet.

Here at Border Podiatry Centre we have all sizes and styles available for your little one to try and walk around in. No appointment is necessary, just pop on in and get trying. There is also a heap of photos on the Border Podiatry Centre Facebook Page.