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After coming off the netball court last night I was absolutely amazed (ok, I was shocked really) at the amount of people taking their shoes and “incorrect” socks off to see the blisters which had developed during the game. And please keep in mind, we are not playing full quarters yet!

That then got me thinking and I wanted to see what was on the world wide web regarding blisters and blister prevention. There was a lot out there. Some great information and some not so great. Keep watching this space as we have something really really exciting coming your way in regards to blisters – I’m just sworn to secrecy at the moment – sorry.

Anyway, one particular piece of information I read made the hair stand up on my arms and not in a good way. It was on an app that was all about educating kids in a fun way to be able to treat the foot and foot conditions that may arise. Now don’t get me wrong. I think the concept is a fantastic idea and I am all for educating children and there is some really good information in it, but if you are going to educate children, you need to educate them on the correct way to do things, not on a way that can make things worse down the track, and I do realise it’s just a game and made to be fun.

My gripe on this game made to be fun is in relation to blisters. See the picture below.

blister app

“Pop the blister with a needle” – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

What it should of said:

  • Leave the roof of the blister intact if possible.
  • DO NOT pop unless the pressure is going to be uncomfortable (it is currently in a sterile environment and best for healing – sticking a dirty, unsterile needle in it will not help with healing).
  • If you do need to pop it – use a sterile instrument and do not remove the top.
  • Dress with and island dressing (a dressing which will not stick directly on the blister – bandaids may not be big enough for this).
blister 1st toe

Now this is only for blisters where the blister roof has not torn. There is another set of treatment protocol for other types of blisters. If you need to know more call the Border Podiatry Centre clinic and we can help you out with that.

In the meantime, if you are going to educate your children, please educate them the right way.

The shoe is now on your foot.