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If you suffer any form of heel pain be it under the heel, the back of the heel, or starting at the back of the heel and moving up the back of the leg then this is for you! What is it holding you back from? How is it affecting your life?

Pain with your first step of a morning, pain in the back of your heel that goes into your Achilles tendon after walking or running, or your child can’t participate in sport because their heel hurts that you think are just growing pains, then keep reading. (By the way, it shouldn’t hurt to grow!)

Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and Severs disease are very common heel complaints that we see and treat every single day at Border Podiatry Centre. There must be something in the water because it is becoming more and more common. If people do not have heel pain themselves, they know somebody that does. It is that common.

So, over the next few weeks, we are going to go really really deep into each of the specific heel pains mentioned – plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and Severs disease – one a week. Not only are we going to go really deep into each condition, we are going to give you strategies and tactics that will help to relieve some of that pain. These strategies and tactics we give our clients here in the Border Podiatry Centre clinic. They are super simple and very very effective.

Unfortunately, the longer heel pain stays around, the more debilitating and prone to injury you become. It has never been more important to heal you heel pain.

If this resonates with you then great, like and keep an eye out for the status updates and blogs on Facebook on each condition, and regularly check in on our website where we are excited to help you keep a step ahead. Maybe you know someone who is suffering also, feel free to share our information.

Of course if you can not wait this long, you can always fast track your resolution to heel pain by calling the clinic for an appointment (60245577) or email your enquiry to where one of our amazing experienced podiatrists will personally attend to your enquiry.

What have you got to lose? Well maybe just some heel pain!