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Meet Cass or at least her M.A.T. Isn’t he beautiful?


So Cass can offer even better services to the client’s of Border Podiatry Centre (like she doesn’t already!) she has just completed a course with Stephen from the ‘Functional Movement Group’ to use the revolutionary 2nd generation M.A.T (Movement Assessment Tool). That sexy picture above.


The M.A.T is an innovative new tool that is being used by Cass for Movement Assessment, Screening, Rehabilitation and Performance. It allows quantification of three-dimensional movement to help provide you, our valuable clients, better and measurable outcomes.

The functional M.A.T’s quantitative measurements allow specific treatment, rehabilitation and exercise programs to be developed and tailored to you individually. This information provides Cass with an accurate baseline measurement to chart the success of her intervention and follow a your specific, individual progress.

Cass was also taught functional and integrated local joint excursion tests which the M.A.T can be used to assess. The ability to progress and regress between these and more global underlying functional movements wereare also emphasised, to allow Cass to smoothly move along the local to global movement spectrum. See her getting her groove on below (Cass is the one in the purple t-shirt).


The essential everyday movements include:

· Gait or everyday walking (no escaping that one)
· Reaching – we reach for anything and everything all the time (you know you do)
· Squatting – sit and stand with more ease (think no more flopping onto the toilet lol)
· Lunging, Jumping and Hopping – well just because you can.

Cass is so excited to bring the new love of life to work everyday and share with you all. All the other Podiatrists have followed her excitement and be doing the very same course so we can all be excited and in love like Cass.

If this is something you feel you would benefit from, jump on the phone and call 60245577 and book your appointment with Cass…….like yesterday.

Until next time. Love your work.
Border Podiatry Team