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Do you or have you ever suffered with heel pain? Has the thought of a cortisone injection to treat your heel pain ever crossed your mind? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then this important article could make a world of difference to you.

“The beneficial effects of cortisone injections to treat heel pain usually only last 4-12 weeks. After this time the heel pain returns tenfold. In instances, it is known that cortisone injections to not work at all.”

If you rely solely on a cortisone injection to relieve you of your heel pain and not get to the cause of it, not only will it come back but other reasons why it is a bad idea are:

  • It’s a needle being inserted into your foot – IT HURTS….a lot.
  • It creates an entry site for a possible infection to creep in. If an infection gets into your foot, your heel pain will be the least of your worries.
  • It’s only masking the symptoms. The pain will return worse.
  • It can sometimes result in irreversible skin and nerve damage.
  • It decreases the integrity of the tendon making it weak so rupture is a real possibility (on the upside once it’s ruptured, you cant rupture it anymore)
  • A foreign substance is being administered into your body.
  • It’s not treating the underlying cause – full stop and end of conversation!

When you see one of the experts here at Border Podiatry Centre and the Albury Wodonga Heel Pain Clinic, they will get to the cause of your heel pain while also treating the pain itself – without all those nasty things that can happen with a cortisone injection.

By treating the cause at the same time, we can quickly resolve your heel pain and stop it from coming back and you can get back to loving your life of moving and activity.

“We are sick of people being misled about cortisone injections being the saving grace in heel pain. It does NOT work. There is no evidence to back up any beneficial long term effects. NONE!”

If you’ve ever wanted to be heel pain free for good then keep reading. These next 3 biggest mistakes people make with heel pain might just change your life.

Biggest Mistakes #1

Thinking the pain will go away on its own. It wont! It will just get worse and worse and you will be doing less and less and maybe start feeling sorry for yourself (maybe even contemplate a cortisone injection)

Biggest Mistake #2

Not treating the cause. If your car had a petrol leak would you ignore the leak and keep topping it up with petrol all the time – wasting all that money and not knowing why? Of course you wouldn’t – I hope you would find out why it is leaking and get that fixed. Treat the cause.

Biggest Mistake #3

Not seeing an expert in the field to get their heel pain fixed. Lucky you are reading this because heel pain is the most common condition we successfully treat every day here at Border Podiatry Centre and the Albury Wodonga Heel Pain Clinic. We know there is Dr Google but I guarantee you they wont be able to develop an individual plan for you. Using a car analogy again: if your car breaks down do you take it a mechanic or a gardener? If you have heel pain, you see an expert on heel pain. Border Podiatry Centre and the Albury Wodonga Heel Pain Clinic is the best place to start.

If any of this relates to you then you’ll be glad to learn that we have developed the ultimate heel pain assessment to relieve you of your heel pain for good. It’s a heel pain assessment that leaves no stone unturned in reliving you of your heel pain – with no needles or foreign substances in sight.

We take a thorough history of your heel pain and the effects it is having on you and your life. Comprehensive podiatric examinations are performed to get to the causes of your heel pain. We then develop an individual customised recommended action plan which lays out for you, step by step, exactly what you need to do to relieve you of your heel pain FOR GOOD.

We treat the symptoms PLUS the causes. Heel pain does not stand a chance!

So, what we’ve got:

The Ultimate Heel Pain Assessment to relieve you of your heel pain for good

What is it:

An assessment with an individual custom made step by step action plan to rid you of your heel pain quickly and for good

What it does:

It covers the newest and tightest secrets about getting rid of heel pain with step by step instructions specific to you and your heel pain.

Here’s how you get it:

To get it, you just call the clinic on 0260245577 to make an appointment to see one of expert staff and we will do the rest!