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If you have ever worn orthotics, been quoted for orthotics, or even considered orthotics, the chances are you have been shocked, surprised, or relieved of pain. Maybe even all the mentioned at once. Read on, this could answer a lot of your questions.

Orthotics can range from $100 (for an off the shelf device) all the way to $1000 (for a custom pair of devices) depending where you go and the type you get. I agree, that is a massive difference!

The controversy!

A little while ago a news article was released stating that fake orthotics are just as beneficial as custom orthotics for the treatment of foot pain. This has created some controversy throughout the podiatry community as to why are practitioners prescribing custom devices if they provide the same outcome as off the shelf devices?

Off the Shelf devices vs. custom orthotics – so what is the difference?

Off the shelf devices are a ‘one size fits all’ device. The idea is that everyone who has the same size foot has the same shape foot. We know this not to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, they are still widely used, and we prescribe them daily here at Border Podiatry Centre and the Albury Wodonga Heel Pain Clinic if we feel they are going to achieve the desired outcomes.

Custom orthotics here at Border Podiatry Centre and the Albury Wodonga Heel Pain Clinic are designed from a 3d scan of your feet and made for your specific biomechanical needs and specific podiatric pathology. They are then 3d printed to the scan and in accordance with your assessment findings. There is no “guess” work with our custom made devices and they are generally more forgiving when fitting into footwear as they can be designed with everything incorporated into them. We don’t need to add things to them like off the shelf devices.

Why does podiatrist prescribe custom devices?

Whilst prefabricated devices do provide immediate relief from foot pain and more speficically heel pain, they do not necessarily treat the underlying cause or causes. It is also important to remember that some foot condition symptoms will improve over time without treatment- however, if the root cause is not addressed then it will keep occurring. Each episode is generally worse than the last.

Custom orthotics will fit better as they precisely “mould” to the contours of your foot. They are influential in being able to better align the lower limb and its movement in combination with the rest of the body. A prescribed device also allows for customisation of the type and thickness or combination of materials. As these materials are usually of a firmer density, custom devices also last longer.

What do the guidelines say?

A combination of therapies is beneficial which include bit not limited to:

  • Manual therapies including foot mobilisation and massage
  • Stretching of the tendons, ligaments and muscles of the body
  • Taping of the foot
  • Orthotic devices (custom or prefabricated) that support the arch and cushion the heel

OUR WAY – which we think is the best way!

At Border Podiatry Centre and the Albury Wodonga Heel Pain Clinic, we don’t just treat the presenting complaint, we also treat the underlying cause. Our comprehensive biomechanical assessments and podiatry assessments allows our podiatry experts to design a recommended action plan specific to you, your lifestyle, your desired outcomes and your specific causes.

At Border Podiatry Centre and the Albury Wodonga Heel Pain Clinic, we scan and design the devices and then print them from the ground up. We don’t take things away, we manufacture them specifically for you and your feet. Border Podiatry Centre and the Albury Wodonga Heel Pain Clinic designed 3DO orthotics which are custom 3D printed from the scans of your feet to meet your unique needs and prescription during a weight-bearing or semi weight bearing scan. Our aim is to heal you heel pain keeping you pain free for years to come.

We design ALL our orthotics in house. We take full responsibility for the Orthotics that leave our clinic. The buck stops with us!

As a little added bonus, click the link below to have a quick glimpse of our orthotic making and designing process.

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