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It’s that time of year again, finals series! With the excitement for those lucky enough to be playing on for the chance of a 2017 premiership in your chosen sport, this time of year can also come with some gloom at the prospect of end of season injuries creeping in.

Maintaining your physical conditioning, stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation regimes are key factors in trying to keep you injury free approaching the end of the sports season.

Another important factor that should always be assessed before entering finals is our footwear! Although we want our sports footwear to last us until the very end of our sporting season, this isn’t always the case. How quickly your footwear wears both internally and externally is related to a range of components with some of these factors including; ground surface, quantity of training, position played of your sport, forces being put through the footwear and gait pattern.

It is of course always important if you think you may be at risk of injury or if you are wanting to take the next steps in preparing your body for finals don’t hesitate to call the clinic for a full assessment with one of our experienced podiatrists’ today! We are even open Saturday mornings to get you sorted before your big game.

Furthermore from the team at Border Podiatry Centre we would like to extend well wishes to all of the local sporting teams competing in their relevant finals series!