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Do you experience a sharp, tingling or burning pain in the ball of your foot? Does this precede shooting or numbness in your toes? You could be experiencing the symptoms of a neuroma – ouch!

Neuroma’s can be a painful condition of the forefoot caused by swelling of a nerve between the metatarsals (long bones of the foot).  At the base of the toes, the nerve splits into a “Y” and enters the toes. It is in this area that the nerve gets pinched and swells, forming the neuroma. They are often caused by tight and poor fitting footwear, and can also be caused by poor foot function and splaying of the feet.


There are a few common symptoms to be on the lookout for when it comes to neuromas:

  • sharp pain
  • burning or tingling sensation
  • pins and needles
  • numbness
  • cramping in the ball of the foot

If you are experiencing similar symptoms to those listed above it is important to have your feet assessed professionally as there are a range of other conditions that can mimic those of a neuroma! Some of these conditions are described below:

  • stress fracture of the metatarsals
  • inflammation of the tendons in the bottom of the toes
  • arthritis of the joint between the metatarsal bone and the bottom of the toes (metatarsophalangeal joint)
  • nerve compression or nerve damage further up the foot, ankle, knee, hip or back

Following your professional podiatry assessment, a management plan to stop the painful symptoms and address the underlying cause of the neuroma will then be implemented specific to you! Our ultimate aim is to get you pain free to continue the activities you enjoy! If these symptoms sound like your foot pain, please stop putting it off and come in for an assessment with one of our friendly expert podiatrists today! You can make an appointment by calling the clinic on (02) 6024 5577.