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Today we continue with our theme on common complaints seen in children. Children’s hips, legs and feet change position as they grow and develop and it’s important to know what’s normal for each age group and what’s not.

Knock knees is the position where a child’s knees touch together when standing straight but their ankles don’t.


This position is said to be normal between the ages of two years to four years approximately. It is only normal within this age group in the absence of symptoms such as pain, tripping, falling, and fatigue.

Problematic knock knees will restrict a child’s ability to participate in physical activities. This can be very detrimental for a child not just physically but mentally and emotionally. If they can’t keep up with their friends or participate in sport it can make life very difficult.

Knock knees are often seen in conjunction with flat feet and occasionally pigeon-toes.

If you’re concerned that your child may be affected by knock knees, let us put your mind at ease. At Border Podiatry Centre we will conduct a full biomechanical assessment in conjunction with a gait assessment to determine if the issue is significant enough to treat. There are a range of options for children suffering from problematic knock knees including but not limited to stretching exercises and innersoles or orthotics. We can also provide you with the right footwear advice for your child. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing to the right type of footwear for your child’s feet.

Pain and/or tripping should never be ignored in children. Don’t fall into the trap of being told “it’s just growing pains”. Pain or movement issues in children should always be assessed. It may be growing pains, but even so they can be managed too. If you’re worried about the position of your child’s legs or are concerned about them tripping or constantly scuffing their shoes, get in touch with us today and let us help you to help them.