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Orthotics DO NOT and WILL NOT treat flat feet

Do you suffer from ‘flat feet’? Do you think you need orthotics to treat ‘flat feet’? Have you been issued orthotics to treat ‘flat feet’? Then keep reading. This bit of information could have been specifically written for you!

orthotics flat feet

90% of the population have ‘flat feet’. Do you think that 90% of the population should be wearing orthotics to be treat their ‘flat feet’? If you said yes, you have to be kidding me! There are probably over 50% people who wear orthotics would DO NOT really need them.

Do you know what can happen if you wear orthotics if you don’t actually need them? Rather than allowing normal flow within the body, you are locking up joints and then the joints aren’t being used. If joints are not being used you are using something else in it’s place which is wasn’t designed for. Buying shoes becomes a real issue as only certain types of shoes accommodate certain types of orthotics. Think wearing “old people” shoes. I hope you are getting the picture here.

When you see one of the expert Podiatrists at Border Podiatry Centre, we are able to distinguish what category of ‘flat feet’ you may fall into. Not only that, depending on your type of ‘flat foot’ and the presenting symptoms, we have an array of different treatment options available and an array of different types of orthotics if they are required to give you the best treatment outcome.

It makes me cross to think that orthotics will treat flat feet. They DON’T. Take the orthotics out of your shoes and your feet are still flat!

If you are unsure whether I am talking specifically to you or not then I suggest you give the clinic a call on 60245577 and book a consultation with one of our Podiatrists and they will go deep into whether or not you need orthotics or whether you are just ONE of the 90% of the population that have ‘flat feet’.

On an orthotic note – if they are required, which we will only know after thorough history is taken and detailed assessments – we have an option of different types of orthotics but what we are really proud of is our 3d printed custom orthotics. They are made from a scan and then 3d printed to the feet. No guess work and we ensure a perfect fit every time. And what is even better is that we can make them fit into your shoes, not buying shoes to fit them in. More on that another time but if you cant wait that long, you can give the clinic a call, 60245577, and get information sooner.

So if this sounds like I am talking to you or you need more information on anything mentioned in this blog, call 60245577 and one of our expert team will get you sorted.