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Do you suffer from heel pain? Have you ever suffered from heel pain? Maybe you know someone who is suffering from heel pain! This is an important article which could make the world of difference to both you and them.

Did you know that over 50% of people will experience heel pain at least once in their lives? That is 1 in every 2 people. That is MASSIVE!”

If heel pain is not addressed and assessed by someone with a proven track record and that sees and treats heel pain day in and day out, then here are some worst-case scenarios.

Tendons that insert into the heel could rupture, a heel spur could develop, walking can become very difficult, treatment takes longer and gets more expensive, and in severe cases the effects cannot be reversed, and surgery may be required.

When you see an expert, someone who lives and breathes treating heel pain every day, someone who is fanatical and high fives their team every single time they get a win for their clients – (like all of us expert staff here at the Albury Wodonga Heel Pain Clinic and Border Podiatry Centre) – you’ll finally be in the right hands so that you can get rapid, lasting relief of pain and get back to loving your life of activity and being more you.

“I am so sick of people being told and thinking they can get rid of their heel pain by just rolling their foot over a frozen bottle of water. It does NOT work. There is NO evidence to back it up. It may work in the short term but doesn’t make it go away.”

If you have ever wanted to get heel pain relief then keep reading. This simple and effective stretch may be that little extra thing you need to relieve you further of your heel pain.

Gone are the days are the “good old calf stretch”. You know the one where you lean against the wall with your back leg straight and your front leg bent then lean into the wall and feel the stretch in the back of the calf. That stretch is DEAD.

Now, let me introduce the secret stretch which you need to be able to master to relieve you of your heel pain. I call it the “dynamic head to toe calf stretch”. I know that sounds weird but if you bear with me everything will be revealed.

The traditional calf stretch is solely focussing on the calf muscle and that is it. Every time you stretch it, all you are really doing is making those knots tighter and tighter and tighter and the overall muscle tighter and tighter and tighter (think pulling a rope from either end with knots tied into it – what happens to the knots when you pull the rope? You guessed it, the knots get tighter!)

I am now going to step you through the dynamic head to toe calf stretch 😊

Step 1: Position yourself in a split stance, like you are on railway tracks. Brace your back leg as this is the leg which will be taking most of the weight.

Step 2: In your front leg, place your foot like you are about to take a step so your foot is bent upwards at the ankle, and the pressure is felt at the back of the heel on the outside.

Step 3: Place your both arms straight out in front of you with your thumbs pointing down

Step 4: Now with your thumbs facing down, move them towards the toes of your front leg while keeping the front leg straight but instead of bending straight down, bend the back leg like you are going to sit on a chair, moving your bottom back (you should feel at stretch along the whole back of the front leg).

Step 5: Stand up straight (keeping you split stance) while rotating your arms and moving your palms outs so you are opening up your chest. At the same time bend your front leg. Your eyes should look straight ahead all the time.

Step 6: Re-rotate your arms so the thumbs are pointing down again and repeat step 4, then step 5.

And that is it. Keep moving. In and out for 1 minute and then you are done. Make sure you do the other leg to stay balanced. You can continue with the rest of your day.

If any of this relates to you then you’ll be glad to learn that we have developed the ultimate heel pain assessment to relieve you of your heel pain for good. It’s a heel pain assessment that leaves no stone unturned in reliving you of your heel pain.

We take a thorough history of your heel pain and the effects it is having on you and your life. Comprehensive podiatric examinations are performed to get to the causes of your heel pain. We then develop an individual customised recommended action plan which lays out for you, step by step, exactly what you need to do to relieve you of your heel pain FOR GOOD.

We treat the symptoms PLUS the causes. Heel pain does not stand a chance!

So, what we’ve got:

The Ultimate Heel Pain Assessment to relieve you of your heel pain for good

What is it:

An assessment with an individual custom made step by step action plan to rid you of your heel pain quickly and for good

What it does:

It covers the newest and tightest secrets about getting rid of heel pain with step by step instructions specific to you and your heel pain.

Here’s how you get it:

To get it, you just call 60245577, make an appointment, and we will do the rest!

Thanks for reading. Until next time.