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Do you have weak ankles? Perhaps and old sprain that continues to bother you? Maybe you are avoiding certain activities because of your ankles?


The team at Border Podiatry Centre can help you with the Ultimate Ankle Assessment Protocol. We will use the revolutionary M.A.T system and pressure plate analysis as part of a comprehensive ankle assessment. From this, and other assessments we will figure out YOUR risk of injury and where YOUR ankles are at and implement strategies and a rehabilitation program specific to YOU.

We know every foot is different. So don’t put up with a generic exercise and rehabilitation program with no direction or follow up, get a program tailor made for you.

Our comprehensive expert ankle assessment will involve a complete biomechanical assessment, testing and assessing the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles or your lower limb.

We will then perform a M.A.T assessment which incorporates your entire body to highlight your areas of strength and those areas which we could really help you with.

Our pressure plate analysis will provide detailed information regarding your weight distribution throughout the feet whilst both standing and walking,

We will even assess you day to day footwear and your exercise shoes.

Then, following your assessments and based on our findings, your expert Podiatrist will create and provide you with a detailed record of your results and your individual, tailor made, ankle strengthening and rehabilitation program. They will go through everything with you step by step, pressure by pressure and follow up like a beast to ensure you are getting the absolute best out of your sessions with us.

What are you waiting for? Take charge of your health, be the boss of it, and don’t allow your problem ankles to get in the way of enjoying your life.