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I’ll paint a quick picture. The wettest year to date in a very long time. 422mm of rain to be exact, a lot of that in June.

I am a sports trainer for my local football club (AFL of course) and am required to frequently run onto the sports oval. More recently it has been running onto a wet, muddy oval, never to come out with dry feet – ever.

I had heard about waterproof sneakers so I thought I would give them a go. Off I went to my local Athlete’s Foot, get measured up and walk over Fitzi to so they can find out my foot type and ended up buying a pair or Brooks Adrenalin all terrain shoes with breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX. I asked if they were 100% waterproof with the reply being yes they are, providing water doesn’t come in the top of the shoe under the ankle. Fair enough I thought.

The features of my waterproof sneakers were

  • Anatomical Brooks DNA provides adaptive cushioning
  • Full-length energy-returning BioMoGo midsole
  • Progressive Diagonal Rollbar for added control
  • Heel-to-midfoot Segmented Crash Pad allows smooth transitions
  • Rugged outsole for better traction on tricky terrain
  • GORE-TEX upper is waterproof and breathable

That all sounds very impressive, I hope they work.

My first day in them. The weather was perfect to try them out. It was wetter, and muddier than I remembered. I think it may have even been raining. This was going to be interesting. I must admit though, I had brought a spare pair of socks and sneakers, just in case.

To cut a long story short, they were amazing. My feet stayed dry and warm for the entire day. My pants were covered in mud. The outside of the shoes was covered in mud. But my feet were dry and warm. I wasn’t even wearing thermal socks. Being waterproof I should be able rinse them off under the tap right? So I did. And still my feet stayed dry and warm.

I was a skeptic and now I am converted. I have worn them every week since and still my feet stay warm and dry. I sing their praises to everyone who will listen. When I say this to people they don’t believe me. I have to take the shoe off and let them feel my dry, warm foot.

I am sure these would be great for all those walkers/runners who walk through wet grass or anyone who complains of wet shoes and feet after a certain activity. Give them a go. I guarantee you wont regret it.

And no – this was not a paid advertisement. There is no financial vested interest in this. Just a great shoe that delivers coming from someone who was sick and tired of having wet cold feet.