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Do you have, or have you ever suffered with shin splints?

This is an important article that could make the world of difference to you.

If left untreated, shin splints can lead to stress fractures which will not only affect your sporting activities, but affect you simply just walking around. You will require a MINIMUM of 6 weeks of resting on the couch and doing nothing else.

If you try to outrun then and without intervention from our passionate specialist team who live breathe feet and legs, shin splints and be confused for other types of shin pain and therefore not treated correctly, they can get that bad that you will experience pain without even moving and they will always be an injury prone area and you may never be able to get back doing what you love.

When you see one of the experts here at Border Podiatry Centre who have the knack of treating this painful condition, not only will you get to your specific underlying cause, you will be back doing what you love pain free with a decreased likelihood of them ever returning in record time. Now how cool would that be?

“I’m sick and tired of other so called health professionals out there claiming that all you need are ORTHOTICS and ONLY ORTHOTICS to treat shin splints and you don’t even have to change what you are doing. They DO NOT work on their own, especially if they are not addressing your specific cause”

If you’ve ever wanted to help yourself get pain free from your shin splints then keep reading, these next 7 treatment tips might just change your life

  1. Discontinue running while there is pain along the shin bone – but you can still walk
  2. Apply ice to painful, swollen or red areas but for no longer than 10min at a time.
  3. Maintain fitness by cycling or exercising in the water.
  4. Stretch calves/hamstrings and replace worn shoes.
  5. Carefully plan a progressive return to running, this will start with short runs on soft surfaces and involve long recovery periods between runs.
  6. Discuss the option of orthoses or innersoles that will support your feet and improve foot function during gait.
  7. Neurokinetic therapy is also an option for those of you that want to get to the very bottom of the cause of your pain through activated inhibited muscles and releasing facilitated muscles

If any of this relates to you then you’ll be glad we have developed the Advanced Shin Splint treatment appointment where it is all about you, your pain, your shin splint cause, and your customised solution package.

If this resonated with you, then call 60245577 to book your specialist appointment.